The first ever Attic Community Meeting!


What a magical afternoon it was. After weeks of planning, it was such a joy to open our doors to the first ever Attic community members and welcome them inside where we had tents, string lights, tea, cake and colouring pencils all waiting. We are still very much in the development phase of creating this community but holding this first meeting, seeing what worked and what didn’t, proved to be an entirely invaluable experience.

The vibe was a little uncertain at first… in this chaotic city where time and space are at a premium, people seemed a little apprehensive about being invited (for free) to sit down and colour, read a book in a sheet fort, or simply curl up next to a friend with some tea and a blanket. Little by little though, people relaxed, strangers chatted, colouring pencils were shared, artwork consequently admired and I lost count of how many times the kettle was refilled.

Some wonderful words were shared as the meeting went on, both in casual conversations and in the community check in circle, an aspect that Laura and I were particularly excited about as well as intrigued to see how people would respond.

As the sun set over Manhattan and the heating (happily) clanked into life, I sat and watched as all the ideas and plans that Laura and I had been talking about for weeks, finally began to take on a life of their own. The soundtrack to these thoughts was the beautiful Brittany Brook who played and sang for us throughout the afternoon, ultimately joining everyone on the floor to sit around the table as the last few people finished up their tea and coloring.

I came away knowing that there was a lot of work still to do but feeling as if we had started something special. More than that, we had shared it, and that feeling only left me with the want to create more space, more time, more opportunities for people to be, to share, to grow, and to learn… bring on 2018.