The Attic & Co. develops and produces a wide range of new works in both theatre and film. By working closely with writers, directors, performers, designers, and producers, we cover all stages of the development process, including invited staged readings, workshops, and full-fledged productions. We aspire to always be inclusive, open, and eager to explore a variety of genres in order to bring truthful and captivating stories to life.


By s.a.b.u.
Director – Daniel Zuzalek
Development Producer – Laura Gold

Valentino desperately wants to keep their hunger from taking over their life, but struggles to do so with demon pilgrim Mercy incessantly insisting they satisfy their appetite.

By Nkenna Akunna
Director – Anna Loyd Bradshaw
Development Producer – Laura Gold

This hard-hitting, darkly comical piece follows a Muslim woman’s journey through London the day after a terrorist attack.

Presented by The Dare Tactic, at WOW Cafe Theatre in April 2018.