Our Story

Laura Gold and Anna Loyd Bradshaw at the first ever Attic Community Meeting. New York City, 2017

Co-Founders Laura Gold and Anna Loyd Bradshaw first met in 2016 and soon began working together on a number of creative projects. Several successful collaborations later, Anna hosted a small get together at her apartment, where conversation eventually led to the topic of early career artists. Anna and Laura discussed the frustration, isolation, and lack of support most artists struggle with at some point in their careers and quickly realized they shared a mutual dream to take action. So, after many months of conversations, coffee, and creative problem-solving, The Attic was born.

In 2017 they launched their initiative as a way to provide a nurturing and supportive community for artists in New York – a program of events that allowed individuals to simply be themselves, whether that meant coming together to work on their craft, meeting a new collaborator, or sharing a cup of tea in a blanket fort. It was all about creating cozy corners and unlocking untapped potential… a place where your imagination could run wild.

The Attic began to host these community events in New York. Meanwhile, Anna and Laura continued to collaborate on productions, and also began developing more new work with upcoming artists, assisting with both their career and personal development. As their workload continued to accelerate and various elements kept crossing over, they decided to restructure, and in the summer of 2018 The Attic & Company expanded to add branches for productions and creative consultancy services. Today, while it will always remain open to evolution, The Attic & Co. continues to be rooted in its original ideals of cultivating and advocating for the artists it serves.