“Soft Launch”

Woo! The Attic’s Community Meeting #2 was a success and I couldn’t be more grateful. Personally, I was feeling a lot more relaxed and confident going into this meeting. I felt like Anna and I both learned so much from our inaugural meeting and all the amazing feedback we received, and it really helped us solidify where our company is headed and what our mission is.IMG_1995We started the day with a much calmer energy, partly due to the fact that we decided to host this second “soft launch” (as we keep calling it…) in my apartment in Crown Heights. Calmer energy was also fueled by delicious bagels and PB&Js from a favorite local hang, Lula’s. The sunny weather also helped, and spirits were high. Anna and I spent the afternoon transforming the space (my living room) into a beautiful, cozy environment. Naturally, if you haven’t figured it out yet, this type of cozy environment includes a sheet fort, lights, blankets, hot drinks, and cake. We set up the stations, started the playlist, and finished a few frantic details with the help of my roommate, Rachael, who was recruited last minute and gracious enough to help (hallelujah).

As people started showing up, the vibes were flowin’. There were lots of familiar faces, a few new ones (!), and everyone seemed to be enjoying the stations, conversations, and relaxation. It really was magical, especially because it showed me once again what a great foundation of people we have starting this journey with us, and how valuable their support is to this new community.

Anna in her natural habitat.

We did our usual “Check-in” and it was really cool to just hear what was on everyone’s minds. After that, we moved into our “Disconnection Section” where phones were put away, music was turned off, and all verbal communication ceased. Some people continued to play games, (which resulted in the most epic tower of Jenga ever), while others got more *zen* with creative exercises and reading. Anna and Ciro wrote some beautiful poems, and Sydney had some really lovely insights that we chatted about as well. I always feel so refreshed after this part of the meeting!

The epic Jenga Tower… it doesn’t even fit in the frame!

Things kept on movin’ when we started crafting with clay. Since we had access to an oven at this event, we were able to “bake” our creations into jewelry, key chains, and a random swan designed accidentally by the one and only Matt Claar 😉 Then somehow…tarot cards where mentioned, so I ran back to my room to get my deck. I’m new to doing readings, so it was a ton of fun for me to practice. The afternoon ended with some more good vibes, a few final clay projects, and plenty of promises to see each other soon at future Attic events. Like I said, a success!

xx Laura

The first ever Attic Community Meeting!


What a magical afternoon it was. After weeks of planning, it was such a joy to open our doors to the first ever Attic community members and welcome them inside where we had tents, string lights, tea, cake and colouring pencils all waiting. We are still very much in the development phase of creating this community but holding this first meeting, seeing what worked and what didn’t, proved to be an entirely invaluable experience.

The vibe was a little uncertain at first… in this chaotic city where time and space are at a premium, people seemed a little apprehensive about being invited (for free) to sit down and colour, read a book in a sheet fort, or simply curl up next to a friend with some tea and a blanket. Little by little though, people relaxed, strangers chatted, colouring pencils were shared, artwork consequently admired and I lost count of how many times the kettle was refilled.

Some wonderful words were shared as the meeting went on, both in casual conversations and in the community check in circle, an aspect that Laura and I were particularly excited about as well as intrigued to see how people would respond.

As the sun set over Manhattan and the heating (happily) clanked into life, I sat and watched as all the ideas and plans that Laura and I had been talking about for weeks, finally began to take on a life of their own. The soundtrack to these thoughts was the beautiful Brittany Brook who played and sang for us throughout the afternoon, ultimately joining everyone on the floor to sit around the table as the last few people finished up their tea and coloring.

I came away knowing that there was a lot of work still to do but feeling as if we had started something special. More than that, we had shared it, and that feeling only left me with the want to create more space, more time, more opportunities for people to be, to share, to grow, and to learn… bring on 2018.


Meet the Founders

66C45078-F699-4ED2-9114-00B4AE8BCEDCThe Attic was founded by Laura Gold and Anna Loyd Bradshaw, pictured here at the first ever Attic community meeting, at The Artist Co-Op, in New York in 2017. Laura is a producer and a writer and Anna is a writer and director. After collaborating on a number of different projects, and many months of creative conversations, the concept for a new community initiative began to form.

Anna and Laura both felt a great need for a supportive and nurturing community in New York; a place where individuals could simply come and be themselves, whether that meant sitting in silence, meeting a new collaborator, or sharing a cup of coffee in a blanket fort. Every aspect of this new initiative was based around the need for an open, supportive and creative community for artists and art appreciators alike, one where any and all would be welcome… and so The Attic was born.